A large selection of fancy colors LGDs for Valentine’s

February is the month of Love and Laughter! Celebrate this Valentine’s with a selection of vivid and bubblicious pinks in fancy shaped lab created diamonds. Creating a point of distinction for your store versus your competition remains a challenge for all retailers. Intensity, sparkle, vivid pink, there is nothing like the uniqueness of highly, concentrated, colored diamonds!

Now with the growing popularity of lab created diamonds, an entire new advertising campaign opens open for retailers to create exciting and affordable diamond, fashion jewelry in an array of colors, sizes, and shapes.

GN Diamond has a large selection of fancy colors of lab grown diamonds with elongated radiants, emerald green marquise, sky blue ovals and vivid pink round brilliants. The lab market continues to generate many new opportunities for retailers to increase their revenue.

This Valentine’s season take advantage of displaying these beautiful pinks to create sales with unique, custom designs. With the giant campaigns of lab grown diamonds and lab grown diamond jewelry it is most important that your store be up to date on the following facts.

The #1 Consumer advantage is that they can get up to 30% more size for the same cost and maximize their budget. They are gorgeous and visually possess the same brilliancy that earth mined diamonds have. Consumers of all ages are excited in this modern technology and can now enjoy the same sparkle for much less cost.

Lab Created Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry may be insured in the same fashion as earth mined diamonds with the same insurance companies. Appraisals for Lab Created Diamonds are also appraised using similar scales as earth mined!

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