Expressions of Jury on the Artisan Design Jewellery Awards

The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council’s Artisan Design Jewellery Awards 2024 is scheduled. On the occasion, the jury of the 7th edition of The Artisan Awards 2024 expressed their view on curve-n-craft!

The esteemed jury comprised Alice Cicolini, renowned UK jewellery designer; Biren Vaidya, Managing Director, The Rose Group; Payal Singhal, Fashion Designer; Apoorva Deshingkar, GIA India – Senior Director of Education and Market Development; and Toktam Shekarriz, Dubai-based jewellery designer.

The technical jury comprised of Devinder Layal (Jewellery Artiste and educationist), Meenal Choksi (Head of Design, Moksh Fine Unseen Jewellery); Sushama Kalzunkar Sawant (PD & Merchandising Head, Dia Gold Creations); Janki Choksi (Founder, Janki Choksi Designs); Gunjan Sapra (COO & Head of Department, Jewellery Designs, International Institute of Gemology, and a GIA Instructor) to honour the best and most talented jewellery designers.

Alice Cicolini said, “As a jewellery designer, the prospect of an award process like this is truly invigorating. I find great excitement in witnessing competitions that encourage designs using more unconventional materials and explore global trends. The freedom afforded to India’s young designers through these themes is commendable and inspiring. Personally, there are a couple of pieces from today that stand out to me as not only intriguing designs but also impeccably crafted.

“Having worked in India for nearly two decades, I can attest that it stands as one of the most extraordinary nations for jewellery production, boasting incredible craftsmanship. Witnessing the remarkable work emerging from this country is always a source of excitement. Moreover, it is refreshing to see young jewellery designers break free from traditional constraints, allowing their imaginations to take flight—an approach actively encouraged by institutions like this one. Design, being a commercial art form, requires assurance that there is a market for innovative work.”

Payal Singhal was fascinated by the exploration of innovative materials and the creation of pieces that could endure for generations. Reflecting on India’s design and manufacturing talent, Singhal noted, “The Artisan Awards showcase a remarkable standard. The ability to work with challenging materials and produce versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and finely crafted jewellery is a testament to the high level of expertise present in our country. The innovation displayed at the awards reinforces my belief that India possesses superior capabilities in terms of design, quality, and finishing.

“As for elevating jewellery into wearable art, initiatives like The Artisan Awards play a crucial role. By encouraging designers to view jewellery as an artistic expression rather than just ceremonial or status symbols, we encourage a shift towards wearable art. Supporting and motivating young designers and jewellery brands to embrace this perspective will contribute to the evolution of jewellery as a form of artistic expression rather than merely a complement to attire or a symbol of status.”

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