Sarine again redefines bounds of rough diamond planning

Sarine Technologies announces the launch of the Most Valuable Planning software, which yet again redefines the limits of rough diamond planning, generating up to 5% added value from the polished diamonds derived. Sarine has again revolutionised the planning of rough diamonds with its launch of the Most Valuable Planning (MVP) software.

The next generation planning algorithm, currently introduced for very small rough diamonds of half a carat and below, generates significant added value to the polished output, dependent also on the quality of the rough on which it is applied. Initial beta runs show up to 5% additional value.

The new planning solution is a fully automated cloud-based service, thus also reducing the manpower involved in the planning process, bringing additional cost-savings and efficiencies to the manufacturer. The development of the paradigm will continue so as to be applicable to rough diamonds in the 50-90 points range later this year, and will be further extended in 2025 to larger sizes.

MVP will be offered as an optional service to the Advisor 8.0 rough planning software package, and will be charged on a per-use basis. As the domain which MVP addresses is very extensive (tens of millions of stones of these sizes are scanned annually on Sarine Galaxy systems and hundreds of millions are polished) and its added value significant, we expect a new recurring revenue stream to be generated from its adoption over time. Sarine also expect the MVP to drive additional sales of the Galaxy Meteorite Plus and reduce the appeal of illegally infringed IP systems. The MVP is, as aforementioned, cloud based, which provides an additional layer of IP protection in this highly competitive segment. Concurrent with the extension of MVP to the 50-90 point segment of stones, we will introduce later this year a new model Galaxy Meteor Plus, with similar throughput and automation benefits as implemented in the Galaxy Meteorite Plus model.

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