BDB celebrates grand Pran Pratistha of Bhagwan Shree Ram

Bharat Diamond Bourse, the World’s Largest Diamond Trading Centre, witnessed unprecedented celebrations on the occasion of the Pran Pratistha of Bhagwan Shree Ram. The entire BDB complex was transformed into a Sea of Devotion and Festivity, unlike anything ever seen before.

Electrifying at BDB: From the morning itself, the air at BDB crackled with excitement. Instead of rushing to their Offices, Diamond Merchants and staff thronged the BDB grounds, eager to participate in the grand procession. Led by the BDB Security’s in-house Band and resounding chants of Jai Shree Ram, the procession snaked its way through the complex, infusing every corner with a palpable energy.

A Moment of National Rejoicing: The Pran Pratistha of Bhagwan Shree Ram held immense significance, not just for the BDB‘s primarily Jain and Hindu community, but for the entire nation. Members expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for fulfilling a 500-year-old dream.

They declared, “Today, we celebrate not just a religious ceremony, but a national festival that unites us all under the sacred banner of Jai Shree Ram.” Notably, Ayodhya holds immense spiritual importance for Jains as well, being the birthplace of five Tirthankar Gods, out of 24 Tirthankaras including the first, Shri Adishwarnathji.

Sweet Celebrations: The festivities at BDB were sweetened with a colossal Prasad offering of 1800 kg ladoos.

These divine treats were distributed throughout the complex, reaching every office and member. The aroma of sweetness mingled with the vibrant decorations, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and devotion.

A Dazzling Spectacle: Every corner of the BDB complex was adorned in a temple theme, with Traditional motifs and vibrant colours. Glittering Diyas illuminated every office, and as night fell, the entire Bourse transformed into a luminous spectacle. Glorifying LED lights bathed the buildings in a soft radiance, creating a truly mesmerizing sight.

Dignitaries Grace the Occasion: Adding to the grandeur of the event were the esteemed guests, including Mehul Shah, Vice President of Bharat Diamond Bourse, and other distinguished members of the Board of Directors: Jay Parikh, Kiran Gandhi, Paresh Mehta, Bharati Mehta, Surendra Dassani, Mahesh Vaghani, Rohit Shah, Jagdish Somani, Lalit Seth and Prakash C. Shah. Their presence further elevated the spirit of the celebrations and underscored the significance of the occasion for the entire diamond industry.

Witnessing Grandeur: The Pran Pratistha Mahotsav was graced by the presence of prominent industry leaders,

Mehul Shah, his voice brimming with joy, conveyed his heartfelt wishes to the BDB members and everyone associated with the Bourse. His words, imbued with genuine warmth and immense pride, reflected the collective sentiment of the day.

The Pran Pratistha of Bhagwan Shree Ram at Bharat Diamond Bourse was more than just a religious ceremony; it was a celebration of unity, faith, and national pride. The event etched itself into the memory of every attendee, leaving behind a legacy of devotion and dazzling memories.

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