NDC’s mission of inspiring consumers shared!

On January 11th, during a visit to the GJEPC head office in Mumbai, Natural Diamond Council (NDC) CEO David Kellie addressed the Indian diamond jewelry manufacturing and retail industry in a virtual Townhall meeting. He focused on key initiatives and highlights in the USA, China, and India markets, emphasizing the vision and achievements for 2023 and future plans in 2024.

Kellie underscored the NDC‘s mission to inspire consumers to emotionally connect with natural diamonds and highlighted the importance of conveying industry values, ethics, and community support to build consumer trust. He presented various statistics showcasing the NDC‘s digital focus, including global website visitors and video views, emphasizing visibility on platforms like YouTube, social media, and TikTok, especially among the Gen Z and millennial audience.

The Treasure Now and Forever, campaign featuring actor Lily James was introduced to illustrate the versatility of diamond jewelry for everyday wear and special occasions. Kellie discussed NDC‘s involvement in key programs in India, such as collaborations with Bollywood celebrities and innovative initiatives like Koffee with Karan.

Insights into the Diamond Fact report and collaborations with influencers on platforms like TikTok were shared by Kellie. NDC‘s engagement in editorial placements aimed to make industry-related topics more relatable to consumers.

Kellie also highlighted global efforts, including a discovery trip to Botswana with Lily James to showcase the positive impact of diamonds on communities. The Thank You, By The Way, campaign, education initiatives for retailers, and collaborations with industry partners were discussed.

Expressing gratitude to industry partners like the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), Kellie emphasized the collective mission for a sustainable, profitable, and prosperous diamond industry.

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