Diamonds Do Good support education in India

Diamonds Do Good published its annual Impact Report while announcing its largest granting in 5 years of $365,000 to beneficiaries spanning diamond mining and manufacturing communities across three continents. Says Kathy Corey, Diamonds Do Good’s President, “The 2023 Impact Report is a testament to the unique role Diamonds Do Good serves the industry as the only grant-giving organization solely representing natural diamond communities and telling these real stories of real impact to consumers”.

“Our ability to create meaningful change through our grants and to share this impact with consumers is due to the industry’s support of Diamonds Do Good and their understanding that doing good is good business” adds Anna Martin, executive committee member and immediate past president.

Putting action behind the consumer confidence-building message that Diamonds Do Good, the grants will support girls’ education, entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, and higher education opportunities.

In Africa, grants are being given to support girl’s education in Tanzania via the Flaviana Matata Foundation, to empower youth afflicted with HIV through Sentebale in Botswana, to support science programming for high schoolers in South Africa, and to support entrepreneurs throughout diamond-producing countries on the continent.

In India, Diamonds Do Good continues to support higher education via Veerayatan, based in western Gujarat while supporting entrepreneur programs throughout the country. 2024 marks an expansion of the Diamonds Do Good Entrepreneurship Grants Program to the Northwest Territories of Canada, the third largest producer of natural diamonds in the world. “The 2023 Impact Report details the success the Real People. Real Impact campaign is having on reaching consumers with positive stories behind natural diamonds,” says Nancy Orem Lyman, Diamonds Do Good’s executive director, “we hope to expand our granting programs in 2024 and continue connecting this impact with consumers”.

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