India focuses on global diamond fraternity over G7!

In December 2023, the G7 made a seismic announcement, unveiling stringent restrictions on the import of diamonds mined or cut in Russia, effective from January 1 of the following year. This move sent ripples across the global diamond trade, especially impacting India, the largest importer of rough diamonds from Russia and other mining regions targeted by the restrictions.

Russia, undeterred by the imposed restrictions, stands resolute in continuing diamond exports, as affirmed by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. He conveyed to the media that while these restrictions affect Russia, they equally impact the nations imposing them. Siluanov‘s statement assured the continuation of diamond exports despite the hurdles imposed by Western countries.

The G7‘s restrictions extend not only to diamonds directly mined in Russia but also encompass those processed in other countries after March 1, 2024. India, renowned for its prowess in diamond cutting and polishing, anticipates feeling the heat as these limitations come into play from March onward.

Adding to the tense scenario, just before the G7 announcement, Aisen Nikolaev, head of Yakutia, revealed Alrosa‘s diamond production figures for 2023. Alrosa, Russia’s leading diamond producer, met its 2023 production target by extracting 34.6 million carats, slightly lower than the 35.6 million carats mined in 2022, as stated by Alrosa CEO Pavel Marinychev, according to the government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

India, with its thriving diamond industry, braces for the implications of these restrictions on its diamond trade dynamics. The developments within the G7 and Russia’s steadfast stance on diamond exports set the stage for a pivotal period, one that could potentially reshape global diamond supply chains and influence India’s prominent role in the diamond industry.

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