Dr Chetan Mehta, the new President of the JAB

The Jewellers Association Bengaluru (JAB) recently conducted their elections for the President and members of the Board, marking a significant moment in the history of an association established on February 11, 1938. From its modest beginnings with just 14 members, the JAB has flourished into a collective of approximately 1600 MSMEs members, reflecting its growth and relevance over the years.

In this recent process, Dr. Chetan Mehta was elected as the President, a decision that reflects the trust and confidence placed in his leadership by the members. The core objective of the Association remains steadfast: to foster the development of new derivative and related markets while nurturing communication among its members.

Dr. Mehta’s election signifies a commitment to strengthen relationships, share valuable information, and leverage collective experiences among the JAB community.

Joining Dr. Mehta in steering the association forward are esteemed members of the Board: Suresh Kumar Ganna as Vice President, Ashok Rathod as Honorary Secretary, Tushar R V as Honorary Treasurer, Megha D as Joint Secretary, and G V Sreedhar as the designated Mentor.

Additionally, the Board comprises other directors: N. Vidya Sagar, Ketan S Dhruv, D V Ramesh, Bipin Mehta, Praveen K Oswal, Kishore M, and Goutham M Kothari. This cadre of office bearers epitomizes resilience and dedication, poised to propel the association to greater heights through their unwavering commitment and diligent efforts. Their collective endeavor aims to fortify the JAB, ensuring it stands on a robust and enduring foundation.

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