AGDRT 2023 details revealed at GII

In a groundbreaking symposium organized by the Gemmological Institute of India (GII), the Advances in Gem & Diamond Research and Technology (AGDRT-2023) program now reveals, spotlighting critical advancements in the realm of gem and diamond research. The symposium’s agenda was meticulously outlined, emphasizing the need for scientific acumen among delegates, especially encouraging young attendees to engage actively with industry experts.

Central to the AGDRT’s ethos is the recognition that innovations, in any capacity, hold immense value. Drawing attention to this, speakers underscored the pivotal role of packaging not just in the diamond industry but in diverse spheres of life. Delegates were urged to envision a progressive future for the gemstone community, delving into the historical evolution of gems and jewelry.

The symposium delved into game-changing discoveries, highlighting how the revelation of inclusions significantly altered the course of gemstone history. Expanding its purview to Lab-Grown Diamonds, the AGDRT explored various applications, spanning from research expansions encompassing HPHT and CVD facilities to the wide-ranging applications of diamonds in quantum computing, semi-conductivity, superconductivity, and optical communications.

The exploitation of NV-centers, the manipulation of impurities for diverse applications, and the unique properties of diamonds such as biocompatibility and radiation resistance. Notably, the purification of water using diamond-coated electrodes emerged as a major highlight, garnering significant attention.

The symposium didn’t just stop at scientific domains but extended its impact to contributions in space programs, inspiring the audience to engage in fundamental and applied research aimed at enhancing the nation’s quality of life.

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