Learn about the core of ethical elegance.

SoftDream by LauraGalasso, a London-based independent handmade jewelry brand, reveals in their unique creations a compelling blend of artistry, responsibly sourced materials, and timeless design ethos. Laura Galasso‘s mission of encapsulating the spirit of storytelling inside each magnificent item has catapulted the brand to the forefront of handcrafted jewelry craftsmanship.

SoftDream jewelry is a monument to originality and beauty, delicately created with meticulous attention to detail. SoftDream‘s classic designs resonate with refinement, flawlessly integrating workmanship with the innate beauty of natural semi-precious stones, and embrace the concept that jewelry tells its own story.

SoftDream offers free international delivery as a symbol of the brand’s commitment to global accessibility, guaranteeing that patrons all over the world can adorn themselves with these valued pieces.

A commitment to ethical practices is inextricably integrated into the brand’s identity. Laura Galasso promotes responsibly obtained stones from Burma, Brazil, and many Asian regions. SoftDream collaborates with Bali craftsmen to encourage sustainable practices and help local communities, ensuring that every work incorporates ethical sourcing and responsible production.

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