A peek into Shaun Leane’s inspiring universe

Our virtual audience was treated to an ovation-worthy conversation between Shaun Leane and Paul Redmayne as a highlight of NYC Jewelry Week [NYCJW], NYCJW21.

The enlightening debate highlighted the renowned Shaun Leane’s extraordinary talents. We revisited this amazing topic as part of the theme of NYCJW 2023, ICON [ography]: Past, Present, and Future. Join us in recognizing the symbols and inspiration that resulted from this lively discussion!

A Journey Into Shaun Leane‘s World! Paul and Shaun begin the chat by discussing his early days and influences as a jewelry designer. Shaun, most known for his innovative work with late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, discusses how he first became interested in jewelry as a young apprentice in London.

His path to creating magnificent jewelry began in the traditional realm of goldsmithing, where precision and artistry were valued highly. This classical foundation paved the way for his subsequent outstanding inventions. We were glad for the opportunity to gain insight into the world of jewelry icon Shaun Leane and learn about his development as a designer. Shaun Leane and Paul Redmayne, thank you.

Now, in 2023, we’re revisiting this conversation as part of NYCJW’s Icons theme, demonstrating how the original event’s ideas have stood the test of time. Shaun Leane‘s journey, which combines craft, art, and nature into empowering and iconic jewelry, continues to captivate and inspire makers and jewelry aficionados worldwide.

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