IGI will provide integrated services.

The International Gemological Institute (IGI), the world’s foremost independent diamond, gem, and jewelry grading, education, and valuation institute, has officially partnered with Lavalier Personal Jewelry Insurance.

Lavalier offers discounted premiums to customers who provide an official IGI grading report, as well as ongoing educational support on topics such as appraisals, lab grown gemstones, jewelry-specific insurance coverage versus homeowners or renters policies, and more, through this collaboration.

Lavalier provides versatile plans that cover loss, damage, theft, inexplicable disappearance / unexplained loss, and wear and tear globally. Lavalier‘s website allows customers to get a fast online insurance quote. IGI can bind coverage in minutes by inputting only their ZIP code, the value of the item, and their choice of deductible.

Customers who declare that they have an IGI grade report will receive a 10% reduction on their premium at checkout. With the holiday season approaching, this is an excellent moment to provide Lavalier insurance and IGI grading services for new jewelry purchases.

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