Entice is planning to open 10 more locations in India!

Entice, KGK 1905, plans to open ten more outlets in India by the end of March 2025. Entice, KGK 1905 has created a global footprint, including places in India such as Jaipur and Mumbai, as well as Botswana, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

Entice Jewels manifests finesse, brought to life by international designers and craftsmen with a promise of exclusivity that complements the wearer’s conviction, blending the highest form of aestheticism, elegance, and style that reflects the rare combination of classical and contemporary influences.

Prashant Surana, Director of Entice, said, “At Entice, our vision has been to empower patrons with irresistible and timeless creations and we believe that expanding our business with these new stores would help us drive Entice‘s evolution into a promising global retail brand.”

Entice, KGK 1905, is dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship that is seen in every production, creating each piece into a masterpiece that assures clients a flawless synthesis of artistry and richness.

In recent decades, the luxury jewelry sector has grown significantly in terms of income. However, when it comes to client preferences, there has been a movement in the sector over the last few years.

Our clients no longer want to wear traditional jewelry, so businesses have evolved to produce a harmonic balance of heritage and modernity when it comes to jewelry.

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