A powerful presence on the global stage!

Sumangali Jewellers’ story is nothing short of spectacular in the sumptuous world of jewelry. This jeweler has transcended geographical constraints to become a juggernaut, containing a large 8000 sq.ft store and a broad customer extending from Hyderabad, Tirupathi, and Bangalore to the UK and US. It is located in a lovely town in Tamil Nadu, with a modest population of 5,000.

Sumangali Jewellers, founded in 1971 as a micro jeweler, quickly established a reputation as a trusted name connected with purity, quality, and straightforward fixed-rate pricing. While the location of a business is frequently critical to its growth, particularly for brick-and-mortar businesses, Sumangali Jewellers has rewritten the playbook, demonstrating that brilliance knows no geographical borders.

The store’s emphasis on design customisation and an uncompromising dedication to fair pricing has struck a chord with clients, ensuring complete satisfaction and great value for money.

Sumangali Jewellers not only has a customer base of over 3 lakh wedding clients from places such as Hyderabad, Tirupathi, Chennai, and Bangalore, but it has also expanded into the global market.

Sumangali Jewellers now offers video shopping via WhatsApp, enticing consumers in the UK and US, as part of a strategic drive to engage with the rising NRI audience. The business has launched its website and app, presenting creative jewelry schemes and advance booking choices, by leveraging technology and customer-centric techniques.

Sumangali Jewellers exemplifies how a small-town jeweler can have a significant influence on the world stage, with plans in the works to streamline jewelry purchases for PAN India and overseas consumers.

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