In 2023, the World Diamond Council will welcome a record number of new members.

The World Diamond Council (WDC) has registered a record number of new members in 2023, showing the industry’s increased commitment to acting with integrity and compassion. According to a message published on the WDC website by WDC Executive Director Elodie Daguzan, 13 new companies joined the WDC as members between April and October 2023, representing a 24% increase in membership. This is the highest number ever registered in such a short period of time since the organization’s reformation in 2014.

A.V. Diamonds, Arslanian Group DMCC, B.A. Asscher, Constell Group, Crodiam Consulting, Diamex Inc., DN Diamonds, Julius Klien Diamonds, Karshev Jewellery, Kunming International, Matthew Schamroth, Okavango Diamond Company (ODC), and VD Global are the 13 newest WDC members.

In reality, the WDC has gained 18 new members since January 2023, boosting membership by 49% from 37 to 55 in just nine months. Most of the diamond and jewelry industry’s main representative associations, which represent hundreds and occasionally thousands of members, are among the individual participants. As a result, the WDC claims to be the most representative diamond organization in the world.

The new members represent nearly the entire industry in terms of geography, size, and position in the distribution chain. One of the world’s rough diamond suppliers, rough and polished diamond dealers, fancy color diamond specialists, suppliers to big luxury brands and small businesses, jewelry manufacturers, consultants, and service providers are among them. They have a presence across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Daguzan also expressed confidence about the number of young industry leaders joining the WDC, stating that it is critical to interact and co-create with the movers and shakers of tomorrow. She stated that joining the WDC is an altruistic gesture motivated by a sense that the industry has a common obligation to operate with honesty and compassion, and that leadership is required to uphold that standard.

According to Daguzan, WDC membership is more than just a source of pride and a demonstration of commitment to an ethically responsible supply chain. It also signifies a willingness to actively promote the ideas represented by the WDC in the sector and in the nations where it operates. According to her, the WDC is effectively the natural diamond industry’s first line of defense.

Daguzan greeted all new members and encouraged them to take advantage of their new position as fully as possible. She stated that the WDC promotes the notion of leaving no one behind, which means embracing the future together and ensuring that every segment of the industry, particularly those leaders who will drive it in the future, is included in every move the WDC takes.

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