DRI Apprehends Gold Smuggling Syndicate

By lately editing our new bureau reported that the DRI had busted a gold smuggling syndicate in a pan-India operation, wherein 31.7 kg gold was seized. In continuation of the said action, DRI busted another branch of the same syndicate which was attempting to smuggle gold via the land/rail route during the October 2023.

Previously, DRI Mumbai team intercepted two individuals carrying smuggled gold by bus near Pune. 5 kgs of smuggled gold was recovered from their possession late in the night of 30.10.2023.

This operation revealed information regarding a handler based out of a village in Sangli district. Acting swiftly, a search was conducted by DRI officers at his home early in the morning on 31.10.2023 which led to the information that two more carriers of the same syndicate are smuggling gold from Varanasi to Nagpur.

Subsequently, the information was shared with DRI Varanasi team which swiftly initiated action and intercepted the two carriers leading to the further seizure of 8.7 kg of smuggled gold on 31.10.2023.

Concerted actions of DRI Mumbai, Goa Regional Unit and Varanasi teams led to the recovery of a total of 13.7 kgs smuggled gold valued at Rs. 8.5 Crores.   A total of 5 persons have been arrested, out of which 3 people were arrested in Mumbai and 2 in Varanasi.

The operation is a manifestation of DRI’s ability to undertake a coordinated approach to counter the flagrant attempts at smuggling by various syndicates.

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