Top Designer Picks for the festive 2023

According to known Sylvie Levine of Sylvie Jewelry, “I am excited to share with you a selection of my personal favorites from my exquisite range of engagement rings. As a designer, I have been privileged to design pieces that stand as a beacon of love and commitment for their wearers.”  

In line with our brand’s core purpose, our pieces are made to celebrate life’s most precious moments. Here are my top designer picks for 2023. I really like how clean and simple this ring looks, with the signature Sylvie Shell profile and the refined bezel.

Carter captures how I give an immense level of attention to the hidden details in my designs. This classic ring has a special double halo that truly sets it apart. This is a clean and slightly bolder take on a classic engagement ring with our signature Sylvie Shell™ profile.

These pieces are more than just jewelry; they reflect individual stories, moments, and emotions. Whether you’re drawn to the intricate details of vintage-inspired designs or the modern elegance of minimalistic creations, our range offers a piece for every style and sentiment.

I hope that my selections have sparked your imagination and inspired you to explore our world of fine jewelry. As you wear your forever pieces, I genuinely hope it becomes an eternal symbol of you and your partner’s unique journey.

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