Le Vian introduces a platinum love month campaign.

As the pinnacle of the jewelry shopping season approaches, Le Vian, the celebrated New York-based celebrity jewelry brand, proclaims November as, Platinum Love Month. During this extraordinary month-long celebration, Le Vian will captivate the hearts of jewelry lovers and connoisseurs, spotlighting the enduring qualities of platinum and the indomitable power of true love.

Le Vian Platinum Love Month 2023, a pioneering annual event, is poised to revolutionize the jewelry industry. This extraordinary campaign will be spearheaded by husband and wife influencers and will feature an inspiring sweepstakes, inviting couples to share their stories of love’s unwavering strength, commencing this week.

The campaign will dominate all channels, taking over the realms of print, digital, social media, web, and streaming with the launch of the Platinum Love campaign in the first week of November. Le Vian’s print campaign, in support of the Platinum Love initiative, will grace the pages of prestigious publications, including Town & Country, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle magazines, featuring striking two-page spreads.

In an exhilarating twist, Le Vian unveils a grand addition to Platinum Love Month – the Le Vian Gem & High Jewelry high-security traveling exhibition. The exhibition will dazzle with one-of-a-kind natural color diamonds, precious and exotic gems, and exclusive hand-drawn design sketches, allowing collectors to craft their own unique Le Vian Platinum treasures.

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