Shiv Narayan Jewellers makes its worldwide debut with a London preview.

Shiv Narayan Jewellers marked its international debut with an exclusive London preview in the famous halls of The Wallace Collection, London, with dazzling lighting and scintillating talks. The event was an homage to India’s rich tradition and artisanship, hosted by philanthropist, business mogul, and global icon, the gorgeous Sudha Reddy.

Guests in attendance included Mr. Joseph Muscat, Former Prime Minister of Malta, Alexandra Sasha, 1st Deputy Member of Parliament, Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia, President of Mafatal Luxury Sheetal Mafatlal, and 676. and Royal Warrant Guarantee, among others. The star attractions among the glittering displays were four record-breaking masterpieces, The Ganesh Pendant, The Ram Darbar, The Magnifying Glass, and The Satlada (Seven-Layer) Necklace, with which the brand has achieved 8 of its amazing 10 Guinness World RecordsTM Titles.

In an emotional message, Mr. Tushar Agarwal, Managing Director of Shiv Narayan Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., spoke about the brand’s journey from its roots in India to the global arena. “Shiv Narayan Jewellers is more than just ornaments; it’s a tale of passion, of history, and of dreams that span generations,” he said.

Guests agreed, praising the elaborate designs that flawlessly mix traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary elegance. Sudha Reddy’s presence enhanced the event even further, giving a touch of grace and charm that connected with the brand’s vision.

Shiv Narayan Jewellers‘ London premiere marks the beginning of the brand’s global expansion as it aspires to share its distinctive blend of heritage and innovation with the world.

Shiv Narayan Jewellers, founded in Hyderabad, India, is the first Indian jeweller to hold ten Guinness World RecordsTM titles. They are in the forefront of the luxury jewelry sector in India, celebrating the country’s rich tradition and artisanship. They have received various medals and recognitions throughout the years for their unique designs and superb craftsmanship.

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