Alrosa issues its first financial report since March 2022.

Alrosa has published its first financial statement since March 2022, when it suspended reporting owing to the interruption caused by the crisis in Ukraine, which cut the company off from much of the world diamond sector. Western governments imposed restrictions on Russian diamonds following the invasion in February 2022, which are still in effect.

According to the study, the company’s sales increased slightly during the six-month period, totaling RUB 188.16 billion ($1.9 billion), compared to RUB 187.88 billion ($1.9 billion) the previous year. Profit, on the other hand, fell by 35% to RUB 55.57 billion ($562.5 million).

This year’s first-half revenue also surpassed Alrosa‘s RUB 181.76 billion ($1.84 billion) for the same time in 2021, previous to the application of sanctions.

In the second quarter of 2023, the company’s revenue increased by 8% year on year, reaching RUB 92.51 billion ($936.5 million). Despite this, profit fell by 25% to RUB 27.07 billion ($274 million).

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