Aabhar Collection 2023 is unveiled by Reliance Jewels.

Reliance Jewels is excited to celebrate its 16th anniversary by releasing the highly anticipated Aabhar Collection 2023.

The Aabhar Collection is a sincere expression of gratitude to the prestigious clientele. The stunning gold and diamond earring designs bear witness to Reliance Jewels‘ 16-year relationship with its customers, allowing the brand to express a genuine “Thank You.”

Every earring design is painstakingly made to offer a subtle yet powerful message of confidence, individuality, and charm. From minimalist elegance to extravagant grandeur, the Aabhar Collection offers a broad range of decorating possibilities to suit a variety of tastes.

This collection features a wide variety of gold and diamond earring designs, including Studs, Sui Dhaga, J-hoops, Danglers, and Front and Back, each beautifully made to enhance personal style and serve as a timeless decoration for women of all generations.

Sunil Nayak, CEO of Reliance Jewels, stated, “The completion of 16 years in the industry fills us with joy, and we attribute our success to our esteemed patrons’ unwavering love and trust.” The exclusive Aabhar Collection of earrings is significant because it reflects the breadth and depth of our relationship with our clients. We hope to send a simple yet meaningful message with this collection: “Thank you for being an integral part of our Reliance Jewels family for the past 16 years.”

The Aabhar Collection 2023 promotion will last until August 31, 2023. As part of this anniversary celebration, Reliance Jewels is offering up to 25% off gold jewelry-making costs and the value of diamond jewelry during this time period. The collection will be accessible in all showrooms and Shop-in-Shops across India, as well as through simple online buying alternatives.

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