Sarine’s New CarbonVERO™ Service Monitors A Diamond’s Energy Consumption and Carbon Footprint

Sarine Technologies Ltd., the world’s largest manufacturer of diamond-related equipment, has launched CarbonVERO™, a revolutionary new service that tracks the energy usage and carbon footprint of each individual diamond, from rough to polished.

Sarine claims that this ground-breaking breakthrough is the result of a strategic collaboration with the highly regarded diamond manufacturer and trader Andre Messika Ltd. and The Carbon Trust, a well-known expert in carbon emissions assessment. Sarine‘s Diamond Journey™ traceability system will provide access to the data.

Andre Messika Ltd. will use CarbonVERO™ to identify the carbon effect of all diamonds supplied in Namibia, offering supply chain insights and adding a new layer to traceability. While many organisations are implementing various types of carbon footprinting, Sarine claims that this is the first time in the diamond industry that the actual measurement and calculation of energy consumption and CO2 emissions from mined rough to polished gem for each individual diamond will be provided.

CarbonVERO™ will enable both B2B manufacturers and B2C diamond brands to clearly reveal crucial environmental impact data to their customers, according to the company.

André Messika, Chairman of Andre Messika Ltd., stated that “tracing the carbon impact per diamond from origin to consumer was the logical next step in a trajectory of traceability programmes and diamond provenance traceability initiated five years ago.”

“We are proud to be part of yet another innovative initiative that adds an additional layer of transparency to the diamond industry, providing crucial information about the energy consumed and CO2 emitted during the diamond’s formative processes,” said David Block, CEO of Sarine. Our objective is to give this data with the utmost confidence, allowing the sector to produce sustainable products and ensure a prosperous future for all.”

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