KARIGAR KONNECT is a project of the IBJA aimed at encouraging artisans.

IBJA is running KARIGAR KONNECT, an artisan upliftment programme, with a goal to recognise the abilities and workmanship of the craftsmen.

Swarna Shilpi Kalyan Sangha, a Bengali organisation, is in favour of this effort.

From August 2–8, 2023, the programme will be held at the IBJA headquarters in Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai. Every day, the programme would run from 8 am until 9 pm.

This programme will involve about 50 Karigars. Based on opinions and data gathered from the jewellery industry, IBJA intends to identify and honour a select number of the participating artisans.

The entire gems and jewellery industry will be able to observe up close the skill, talent, and craftsmanship of craftsmen who have been overlooked and not given the proper credit thanks to this initiative by the IBJA.

IBJA hopes to integrate our skilled artisans into the mainstream of the gem and jewellery business via KARIGAR KONNECT.

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