GJEPC and the Kolhapur Saraf Vyapari Association promoting IIJS Premiere.

GJEPC and the Kolhapur Saraf Vyapari Association collaborated to promote IIJS Premiere Visitor registration, as well as the benefits of GJEPC membership and the MSME plan.

Over 300 people attended the event, demonstrating the strong interest and engagement of industry professionals and stakeholders.

Naheed Sunke, Assistant Director of National Events, provided specific details regarding the impending IIJS Premiere exhibition. Attendees were given a detailed rundown of the events taking place at two fantastic venues. Sunke also emphasised the benefits of the Prime Visitor Package, Combo deals, convenient Shuttle Services, accommodations, exhibit products at both venues, and so on.

Mithilesh Pandey, Director and Head of Membership, presented a presentation on the benefits of GJEPC membership, as well as government policies and initiatives pertinent to the gem and jewellery business. From discussing export opportunities via courier to investigating IJEX, CEPA, IIGJ ACTA, BSM, International Cooperation Scheme, and Capacity Building Scheme, additional insights were shared regarding resources available via hand carry and eBay, highlighting the diverse avenues available for gem and jewellery traders.

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