At JCK Las Vegas 2023, GIA will present talks.

GIA will bring an intriguing assortment of offerings to JCK Las Vegas, and experts will give new insights on pertinent industry themes.

JCK Talk: Bringing Clarity to Sustainability was offered by GIA yesterday. GIA President and CEO Susan Jacques and GIA Vice President for Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Programmes Johanna Levy discuss the findings of the first GIA sustainability report, the Institute’s ESG goals and plans, and what sustainability and ESG mean for GIA and the industry in a conversation.

Today GIA presents JCK Talk: Diamond Country-of-Origin and the Limits of Science Definitively determining the country of origin of a specific diamond, a subject of interest for nearly three decades, has been brought to the forefront by increased consumer and government interest – and perhaps requirements – that the source of diamonds be known. GIA research scientist Dr. Evan Smith will review the current ability of science to determine a diamond’s country of origin and whether future analytical techniques will be able to more fully address this challenge. Tom Moses, GIA Executive Vice President for Laboratory and Research, and Dr. Wuyi Wang, GIA Vice President of Research and Development, will also participate.

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