The 2023 JCK Show will feature AGTA Gems Pavilion.

While the AGTA pavilion continues to be the show’s top location for coloured stones, JCK Las Vegas welcomed a dedicated American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) area to the Venetian Expo. However, things will look a little different this year.

The AGTA board president Kimberly Collins, a gem dealer based in Reno, Nevada, adds that although last year’s footprint was 6,000 square feet, this year’s size has increased to almost 25,000 square feet.

Malaya garnet, which is mined in Tanzania, is a stone that is rising in popularity among connoisseurs. The peachy-pink color-change stones are expected to perform well at JCK after experiencing a rise in demand at the Tucson gem shows earlier this year, according to Daniel Assaf of the Tsavorite Factory.

Teal, especially in the sapphire family, is one broad colour trend that is still popular, especially for brides. Collins claims that regardless of whether the stones are from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, or Montana, many people refer to them as mermaid or peacock blue-green stones.

Some consumers are searching for deals because of the inflationary atmosphere. Even among these famous exhibitors, most AGTA merchants don’t deal in commercial-quality products, but you can still find some steals and sleeper hits.

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