The redesign of FS Life’s Mikoto introducing in March – a fine silver jewellery line.

As the business enters its next stage of expansion, Mikoto, a sterling silver and semi-precious jewellery line by FS Life, has finished an ambitious rebranding campaign. The change from semi-precious to exquisite silver jewellery under the new name March lies at the heart of this rebranding. a superb silver jewellery company that offers well-made pieces at reasonable costs.

After engaging with clients through Mikoto, FS Life identified the need to introduce silver jewellery that speaks to the demands of modern women for both casual and formal wear. Additionally, learning how to accessorise successfully was shown to be a key element. Consequently, March was developed, a company that not only sells high-quality silver jewellery but also instructs consumers on how to style and wear it. March‘s product ethos centres on turning classic jewellery into an accessory for casual and formal wear that is cosy, simple to wear, and reasonably priced. The brand’s design philosophy is “Minimally Maximal,” where each piece emits the boldness of silver in a unified, exquisite form. Each piece is made with convenience and comfort in mind thanks to the ergonomic design, which includes adjustable rings and earrings with posts that don’t hurt while you take a call.

The modern woman who embraces her femininity, is stylish, and enjoys playing with fashion to make it her own is catered to by March. Silver jewellery from March lends the perfect amount of elan to every situation, whether it’s a first date or a fierce Instagram shot.

A Certificate of Authenticity for Silver is included with each item of jewellery from March, demonstrating that the brand upholds quality standards during every phase of manufacture. Without sacrificing its value, March wants to transform silver jewellery from a valuable collectible into a commonplace accessory.

“Our goal is to make buying jewellery simple for ladies. According to March‘s founder, Ayushi Gudwani, we want to arm customers with information and provide them with fine silver jewellery that suits their casual-to-formal attire preferences.

Mikoto was introduced in February 2022 and has expanded significantly during the last 12 months. On their website, March is already for sale, and they’re getting ready to open retail locations across the nation.

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