Marvel and Swarovski collaborate on a line of jewelery and figurines.

Swarovski has collaborated with Marvel on a jewellery and home collection inspired by Marvel comic book characters, including Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

The Austrian crystal maker has created eight jewellery pieces, five crystal figurines and a set of stickers inspired by Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Iron Man and the Hulk.

Each piece has been designed as a “statement of energy and goodness designed to unleash your inner superhero,” explains Swarovski. Highlights include Spider-Man’s signature mask featured in a red and black crystal pavé on a bracelet and pendant and the Black Panther jewellery designed to evoke the Wakandan spirit of innovation with a motif ring, a life-like 3D pendant set on a long chain, and a mask-inspired pendant adorned in purple crystals.

Other designs include a multi-coloured ring celebrating Captain Marvel, an Iron Man jewellery piece that doubles as a 3D pendant and brooch, and a Hulk bracelet featuring green crystals.

The collection also includes a series of collectable crystal figurines, including one for Spider-Man in his iconic upside-down pose on a New York City streetlamp made from 36,500 crystals that took 243 hours to complete.

Other collectable figurines include Captain Marvel made from 10,000 crystals, a sleek Blank Panther wearing his vibranium suit crafted from 649 facets, and an Iron Man cut with 723 facets.

Commenting on the collection, Swarovski’s creative director Giovanna Engelbert, said in a statement: “Stan Lee was a master storyteller. He has given the world some incredibly influential and exciting superhero’s, so it has been a genuine honour to delve into these Marvel favourites and express their individual qualities with our crystals.”

The Swarovski and Marvel jewellery and crystal figurine collectables are available in Swarovski stores and on its website. Prices range from 145 to 750 pounds for jewellery and start from 450 pounds for the figurines. The Spider-Man limited-edition crystal-covered figurine is the most expensive item at 18,000 pounds, while the removable sticker set is the cheapest at 70 pounds.

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