Payal Gold Introduced new Designs

Payal Gold introduced new designs in men’s jewellery collection.

Chairman, Payal Gold,

Popat Sanghavi, Chairman, Payal Gold, talks about how
their business has grown after specializing in a jewellery
range by collaborating with karigars, and developing new
categories across ages


We are India’s largest stockist of bangles and jewellery-Bombay fancy CNC, Kolkata bangles, men’s collection which includes men’s kadas and bracelets. We also have some international categories from Saudi, Dubai, Turkey; that stock is available with us at all times. We believe in 100 percent transparency; hence all of our jewellery is 100 percent stoneless. Bangle design is really important: the concept shouldn’t irritate the skin or one’s clothes shouldn’t snag on it. We deliver orders on time. That’s the huge difference between us and our competitors. We offer excellent customer service, there is no waiting system. Payal Gold believes in value of money; therefore, their prices are standard and best in the industry which attracts their buyers to purchase their product. Their motivation is to bring in new designs based on pillars of quality, excellence and creativity

Latest Collection

We have introduced new designs in our men’s leather jewellery collection. Instead of using machines, our team of 70 karigar creates the pieces. They provide us with jewellery that is actually lightweight but looks heavyweight, something that is hard to achieve with machines because they require a certain amount of weight to work with. We call this our fusion collection. We have also launched a new collection in laser. We are collaborating with Vint, a laser-based jewellery brand based in Rajkot.

Market Opportunity

We’ve introduced new categories as we’ve grown. We started with bangles and pursued that category aggressively. Then we began CZ, and now we have a kid’s collection. As per our opinions our priority markets in India Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan have witnessed much growth. “We have many loyal customers who appreciate our product and purchase Jewellery only from Payal Gold which motivates us to work more harder, to create anything better and be on the top of the game which makes you feel that you are the best and you want to keep doing it. We are in a changing era where jewellers have to be aware about the latest products and designs and they should educate other jewellers too. There is so much that a jeweller can do to be more responsible by knowing latest issues

Future Plans

We want to cater to every category and need of the jewellers, as per their feedback.

Technology and Innovation

Our selections are available online which allows customers to easily order their desired products from the comfort of their homes. More than 30,000 jewellery pieces are listed there, and our site keeps on updating in real time. We can provide our customers with the ready stock within 24 hours.

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