Shiv Narayan Jewellers Sets Two Guinness World Records with Lord Ganesha Pendant

Shiv Narayan Jewellers is a reputed jewellery manufacturing company based in Hyderabad, India, and known for its refined artistry and high design. 

This year the company has made history by setting two Guinness World Records with its exquisite pendant featuring Lord Ganesha.

The pendant, weighing 1011.15 g (35.66 oz), holds the record for the heaviest ever made, as well as the most diamonds set on a pendant with 11,472 diamonds.

The intricately carved Ganesha pendant articulated in 18-karat gold, is further embellished with diamonds and ruby and emerald florets, and fringed with top quality emerald beads. It showcases Ganesha seated on a lotus, thus symbolizing self-realization. The pendant is suspended from a four-row emerald and diamond necklace. It took almost five months to realise this pendant by the skilled artisans of the company.

Guinness World Records verified the achievements on 13th March 2023.

This accomplishment is a significant milestone in India’s jewellery-making history as it spotlights on creativity and skilled of the country’s artisans.

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