GJEPC holds a seminar to promote digital excellence in the GJ industry.

On May 30, at the Bharat Diamond Bourse in Mumbai, GJEPC organised an exclusive seminar titled “Accelerate Digital Excellence with Microsoft’s Solutions” in collaboration with Tech Data, Microsoft, and PH Teknow. The purpose of the event was to advance the gem and jewellery industry’s digital revolution.

A number of well-known industry specialists, including Mohammed Sadiq, Partner, Microsoft; Prakash Joshi, Director Azure; Sunil Golani, Director Cloud Solutions; and Nitin Patil, Partner Technical Manager, shared their expertise with the audience.

The session demonstrated the strength of Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform, while offering insightful use cases. The superior networking, storage, processing, and application development capabilities of Azure enable the gem and jewellery sector to seize new chances for innovation and improve the overall client experience.

An overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps was included in the agenda, which was then followed by illustrations of pertinent use cases. Additionally, attendees learnt about the Azure platform and the migration of apps to the cloud.

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