This Women’s Day, celebrate self-love with stunning platinum jewellery

This Women’s Day, embrace the multiple facets of your personality and cherish those unique traits that come together to define your authentic self, with metal just as pure and precious as platinum. Platinum Evara offers an exquisite range of platinum jewellery that promises to take your individual style statement up a notch higher with intricate and elegant designs. Similar to the young woman of today who stay true to their core values while embracing every part of their being, the resilient platinum maintains its untarnished shape and form over time.

Crafted from 95% pure platinum, each piece in the collection is embedded with meaning and reflects the values that define today’s modern and progressive women. The collection includes an array of captivating necklaces, alluring wristwear, intricately crafted earrings and elegant rings. Extremely versatile, the pieces can instantly elevate a power suit, add a touch of glamour to a casual brunch look and create ethereal magic when paired with an Indo-western cocktail attire. The white metal’s sheen and stunning craftsmanship add a touch of glamour and understated elegance to every look. Exhibiting intricacy and versatility through its elegant designs, forms, motifs and silhouettes, every piece of jewellery in this collection is an ode to the modern woman and her unconditional acceptance of the woman within.

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