Kalyan Jewellers launches #EkZindagiKhudKeNaam

Candere by Kalyan Jewellers, jeweltech brand, launched their Women’s Day campaign- a digital initiative, #EkZindagiKhudKeNaam, to advocate self-love and appreciate one’s own being and achievements.

This Women’s Day, the brand urges all women to celebrate themselves through their #EkZindagiKhudKeNaam campaign. The campaign evokes a spirit of celebration where a woman can pamper herself in small ways like engaging in a skincare routine, reading books, traveling solo, self-gifting etc. The expression of self-love is an uncompromised emotion and acts as a catalyst in shaping an overall personality.

The digital campaign showcases women from various walks of life, catering to different professional demands. However, Candere, as a contemporary lifestyle brand, takes pride in celebrating these women from all corners and acknowledging their diverseness & individual achievements.

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